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Kraftworxs Full Moon ladies’ watches make a quality statement with high-grade all-ceramic, shining stainless steel and scratch-resistant mineral glass. The reliable, Japanese quartz unit takes care of the time display. The pleasantly cool and skin-friendly ceramic links sensually snuggle against the wrist; putting the watch on and taking it off are made simple and are a delight thanks to the high-quality butterfly clasp. It goes without saying that Kraftworxs ladies’ watches are waterproof. Maintained with a soft, non-fluff cloth, Full Moon always looks shining and like new.


All simplicity that is typical for the hip Nordic style aside, the Kraftworxs ladies’ wristwatches inspire with their artistic diversity. Discreet trend colours complement the high-grade appearance of the ceramic watches kept in cool white or elegant black. The calibre of the case corresponds to the size that ladies look for in timekeepers that can be worn around the clock. The full moon, making its appearance as La Luna, the mystical goddess of the moon and directress of time, in ladies’ models, is the godparent of the design made in Germany.





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